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I’m a Republican, Not a Sheep

Like lava, this post has been been bubbling and boiling beneath the surface for some time now. If I had to pinpoint, the roiling started about the time Republican candidates signed the loyalty pledge: I, __________, affirm that if I … Continue reading

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Mind Your Own Business

I thought about using the more polite title, “Live and Let Live” for this post, but “Mind Your Own Business” is much more reflective of how I felt this morning after reading the National Review article titled “Boston’s Kimonos of Oppression.” … Continue reading

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The Magical Red Kimono

This morning, while giving my children’s story, The Magical Red Kimono, a final read-through before submitting to a publisher, I read a blog comment from my friend, Alice White. In her comment, she mentioned the scene in The Red Kimono … Continue reading

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Liberty and Independence

As we begin our 4th of July celebrations, what better time to think about liberty and independence? Liberty: Freedom from control, interference, obligation, restriction, hampering conditions, etc.; power or right of doing, thinking, speaking, etc.,according to choice. Independence: Freedom from the … Continue reading

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#Discussion Question 2: The Three Main Characters

I’ve made a list of questions for use by book clubs or classes to discuss The Red Kimono, and today, This is a weekly blog series where I’ll post one question for discussion by anyone who has read the book. … Continue reading

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