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Our Cracked Nation

There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in. ~~Leonard Cohen Yes, it’s been over a week ten days since Leonard Cohen passed away, which will give you a clue about how long I’ve been working on this … Continue reading

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Human Contact

Sunday, while eating breakfast at the Hampton Inn in Rogers, Arkansas, I happened to see an interview CBS’s Bob Schieffer conducted with Camden, NJ Police Chief, J. Scott Thomson. In a nutshell, Thomson talked about how the Camden city police force … Continue reading

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Black and White Points of View

Most writers are familiar with the concept of POINT OF VIEW and how dramatically different a scene can be when experienced through different characters’ eyes. Now, in the real life story of Ferguson, point of view has come to life. … Continue reading

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Today, while watching CNN, I was reminded once again about how history repeats itself, though not always in obvious ways. I learned about these two hashtags: #NotInMyName #MuslimApologies I learned about them while listening to a discussion between CNN anchor, Carol … Continue reading

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Are You Kidding Me: 7/30/12

I’ll admit that sometimes I may be naive and optimistic about the state of the world out there. Then, I see something in the news that opens my eyes — an “Are You Kidding Me?” moment.” Today, it was the … Continue reading

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